Goya designs, builds and offers deeply immersive experiences for individuals and small audiences.

Projects we are working on

We are currently designing the first immersive theatre experience in the Netherlands, Hotel Wonderland. Our biggest project to date is being realised as we speak, and growing quickly.

Presale tickets are available through www.hotelwonderland.nl/tickets.

We have invited the amazing Odyssey Works to host a 3-day learning immersion for a select group of like-minded designers and artists. During this course, you will learn how to design intimate, meaningful and transformational experiences for others. We’ll dive deep into the Odyssey’s design process, from falling in love to creating a total immersion.

This course has been postponed due to COVID-19. More info after the summer!

This is Goya


Raymond is on a mission to bring the Dutch concept of “onbevangenheid” back into the world. It’s the feeling of wonder and possibility you had as a child. He founded srprs.me, one of the fastest growing European startups of the past few years.


Michel is a serial entrepreneur who has been creating experiences for over 15 years, in travel, education and entertainment. A connector of ideas and people, he’s constantly looking to explore new frontiers and add some beauty to the world.


Tristan is on a secret mission to re-enchant the world. He co-founded Sherlocked Mystery Experiences in Amsterdam and is one of the most seasoned experience designers in the Netherlands. He’s also a jazz pianist and loves impro theater.

Goya (n.) ~ A momentary suspension of disbelief that occurs when fantasy is so realistic that it temporarily becomes reality. Usually associated with a story very well told.

— Urdu language